Thanks for support in race

I truly appreciate everyone who came out and voted for me during the Republican primary, and I’d also like to thank each and every person who supported, encouraged or gave me a pep talk along the way. I hope to live up to your expectations if elected in November.

I’d like to praise my two opponents in the Republican primary as well. Helen Martin and Larry Razzano ran great races and worked exceptionally hard during the election cycle. Both are very smart and dedicated individuals, and I know they want the best for Johnstown. I wish them well in their future political careers, business dealings and private matters.

While it is an honor to be the Republican candidate for mayor of the city of Johnstown, I also want it known that I wish to reach out to people of all political affiliations and backgrounds. I am for Johnstown as a whole – not for one group, age or party.

I look forward to continuing my campaign and hearing from the citizens of Johnstown. Thank you and see you soon.



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