Vote Handy for mayor

During a recent conversation with my father, Jim Handy, candidate for mayor of Gloversville, he spoke warmly of a valued veteran who had reached out to him for assistance. There had been a badly tattered American flag flying at City Hall for quite some time, and his request to have it replaced had gone unanswered.

After hearing his story, my father quickly enlisted the help of some caring fellow citizens, including the director of the Department of Public Works, all of whom gave generously of their time. The result? A beautiful new flag now flies in its place, one which properly honors all who have served. That is but one act of many that reflect my father’s ability to lead and reinforce the core message of his campaign, “Gloversville Matters.”

“We are desperately seeking a mayor who will ‘show up,’ ‘follow up,’ and most importantly ‘deliver results.'” That, he’s told me, has been the overwhelming message of the constituents. They want someone who not only makes promises, but also will provide the sorely needed leadership to get things done.

That message got me thinking; what makes a great leader? Is it determined by the number of diplomas one possesses or length of service on the job? Should we assume that experience automatically guarantees success in a position of authority? Well, my dad has a college degree, served in the military, held positions in city government for years and has been the owner of a small business. Surely, education and experience count for something, yet there’s more to it. To him, a great leader cares about taking the time to listen, whether they be young or old, rich or poor. He realizes the importance of empowering others by being the example, and he’s the first one to give thanks to those for a job well done rather than take all the credit for himself.

I write this in support of my father’s candidacy because his actions exemplify a man with a can do attitude ready to serve as your mayor. His growing support has strengthened his resolve to continue to work harder to earn your vote in the upcoming primary and general election. Without question, you matter to him. Elect Jim Handy Mayor of Gloversville and he’ll prove that to you every day.



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