Decisions that benefit town will continue

I am Bill Holvig, the current town of Mohawk highway superintendent and running for re-election. I have served the town for 17 years. During this time, I have earned certification for Road Master I and II from the Cornell Local Roads Program by attending classes throughout the years. I have written many grants and the town has received well over $300,000 in grant moneys from Encon, FEMA and other grant resources. I continue to research what grants are available for the town.

I urge the town board to establish a Capital Improvement Fund to purchase equipment when needed. It saves taxpayers money and keeps necessary equipment up to date. The town also saved $100,000 on the purchase of the Gradall and saved $16,000 on trucks purchased by buying local instead of using the state contract.

I suggested to the town board to purchase the annex building and improve the transfer site. Fortunately, in 2006, when we had the first flood, we had a building to move to and continue town operations.

Snow and ice control on town and county roads, mowing, maintaining and paving the roads are just some of the duties of the highway superintendent. Keeping the roads safe for school buses, commuters and travelers is a primary concern. Sand, salting and plowing are necessary for keeping the roads safe.

In addition, I serve as vice president of the Montgomery County Highway Superintendents Association, as a team leader for Advocacy Day, I travel to Albany to lobby for increasing the CHIPS funding and we received approximately $16,000 in additional funding this year. I also serve as the emergency management contact for the town. I attend meetings and do all the paperwork required to receive FEMA grant funds for our roads and buildings. Most important is that the highway taxes have gone down.

I take pride in serving as town of Mohawk highway superintendent. I will continue to work hard for the town and make the smart, necessary decisions that benefit the town residents. I am experienced, dependable and responsible. On Nov. 5, Election Day, I would appreciate your support.


Mohawk town highway superintendent


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