Disabled find employment in local area

October is National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month and at Lexington we are happy to recognize the individuals we support with finding employment in our community. We also are grateful to the businesses that partner with us to provide employment opportunities to men and women with disabilities. Having a developmental disability does not mean that someone does not want to or is not capable of working; it is just the opposite. Men and women with disabilities have dreams and aspirations just like everyone else. They want to earn a living, they want to be productive and they want to be part of a team.

At Lexington’s Employment Resources, we have a dedicated team of job developers and coaches who support men and women in finding meaningful employment. The developers work with businesses to match the individual with the job. The coach then assists the individual with learning tasks, helping him/her blend into the workforce and become successful on the job.

The Employment Resources team has partnered with businesses in our region that make every effort to employ and support people with disabilities. We are grateful and appreciate their willingness to help fulfill the goals and dreams of these men and women. The following are businesses that currently employ people with disabilities that are supported by Lexington: Burger King-Gloversville and Johnstown; Catholic Charities; Chartwell’s Dining-FMCC; Cranesville Properties; Express Employment Professionals; Fulton County Office for the Aging; Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce; Fulton Friendship House; Gianna’s Restaurant; Gloversville Enlarged School District; Greater Johnstown School District; Hannaford-Gloversville; HFM BOCES; High Rollers; Holiday Inn of Johnstown-Gloversville; Home Depot; IFCO; Kentucky Fried Chicken-Johnstown; Keymark; The Leader-Herald, Lowe’s; McDonalds – Gloversville and Johnstown; Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market; Mohawk Sign Systems; NYSID; Noble ACE Hardware; Perrone’s Aerospace; Pizza Hut-Gloversville; Plaza’s Italian Bistro; Price Chopper-Amsterdam, Gloversville, Johnstown; Raindancer Restaurant; Reliable Auto Parts; Robison & Smith; Ruby and Quiri; Sam’s Seafood Steakhouse; Smiling Faces Childcare; Somerset Industries; Taylor Made; Walgreens-Gloversville; WalMart-Gloversville and Amsterdam; Wendy’s-Johnstown; and Fulton County YMCA. Please thank them for their efforts on behalf of people with disabilities when you do business with them.

Lexington is committed to helping people lead successful lives. If your company is interested in partnering with us to provide a meaningful opportunity for someone with a disability please contact us. Employment Resources is located at 199 S. Main St., Gloversville, 773-4646, [email protected]


Division Director for Business and Community Development with Lexington

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