Don’t call people clowns

In reply to the letter to the editor written by Robert Jones, titled “‘Obamacare’ is the law,” published Oct. 19

I, as one of the “clowns” he references, would remind Mr. Jones of several points concerning laws.

No Congress is held to the actions of a previous Congress. A law passed in 2010 can be overturned in any subsequent Congress through the legislative process regardless of a Supreme Court decision on its constitutionality.

The Constitution can be changed through the amendment process.


At one time it was legal to “own” another human being.

At one time prohibition on alcohol was the law.

At one time it was illegal for an African-American to marry a Caucasian in many states.

At one time it was legal (per Franklin D. Roosevelt) to put thousands of Japanese citizens in internment camps.

At one time it was legal to deny women the right to vote.

Just to mention a few.

I’d respectfully suggest Mr. Jones not refer to people he apparently disagrees with as “clowns” in a letter to this paper, while he beclowns himself regarding laws.



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