Handy not the answer

I am writing to express my concerns if Jim Handy gets elected as the mayor of Gloversville.

Handy was the councilman-at-large while Tim Hughes was the mayor and allowed Hughes and then-City Attorney John Clo to receive buyouts they didn’t earn.

What about when City Clerk Gary Margiotta, a 16-year city employee, was confronted by Hughes and Handy, and escorted from City Hall by a police officer on Dec. 29, 2006. Handy cited three instances of insubordination on the part of Margiotta that prompted his vote to fire the clerk. Yet, there was no documentation for any of the alleged insubordination.

I’m concerned if Handy gets elected into office, he will bring back many of the people that were city officials when he was the councilman-at-large.

If you liked the way the city was running in 2008, elect Jim Handy.

I was supporting Mike Ponticello, but with him out of the race, Gloversville needs to re-elect Mayor Dayton King.

I haven’t agreed with all of Mayor King’s decisions, but King is certainly trying hard to create a professional environment at City Hall.

We elect government leaders to act professionally and make sound decisions in the best interests of their constituents. When they don’t, the public ultimately pays the price.

Let’s keep moving forward with Mayor Dayton King and not move backwards.



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