Important reminders before busy time

As we approach a very busy time for most people, I wanted to share some important reminders. Remember that for people older than age 65 who have Medicare, the Health Insurance Marketplace is not for you. The Marketplace is for people who are younger than age 65 and uninsured, underinsured, or looking for more insurance options. If you are aged 65-plus and already have Medicare, you are protected from the mandate penalty.

However, between Tuesday and Dec. 7, remember it is time for people with Medicare to review their health insurances and prescription coverages (Part D) to confirm their medications are still being covered and to review any cost adjustments that may be coming in 2014. If you need help, you can call the Fulton County Office for Aging at 736-5650 and a staff person will call you back.

For people 60 years of age or older, remember if you no longer drive or otherwise have no one to help you get places, the Fulton County Office for Aging does have a senior transportation program that runs Monday through Friday. Call the OFA at 736-5650 for more information.

For people age 60 or older and certain others, you may have received an early outreach Home Energy Assistance Program application. Remember that HEAP does not really begin until Nov. 18. The early outreach occurs so staff can process applications prior to the heating season so bills can be paid. Also, remember that HEAP is a one-time payment to your fuel vendor to help supplement the cost of fuel.

Remember, too, that the Fulton County Office for Aging provides vital information for vital generations; call us at 736-5650.


Director, Fulton?County Office for Aging

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