Issues to address in Caroga

As a taxpayer in the town of Caroga, why are you paying higher taxes and getting fewer services?

Why was the maintenance of town hall ignored since 1991 until 2006? You paid almost $250,000 in engineering studies for a building that was deemed urgently needed, and after it was built it just sat there for almost six years not being used?

Why is it the Town Board complained it was costing $30,000 per year to heat the building and why did it take almost six years to get a new heating system installed?

Why have we been paying the highest county tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value?

Why is it that there are several large junkyards in town that violate the state code and the town junk law?

Why is it that for many years the town has failed to purchase needed equipment for the highway department?

Why does the town continue a contract with the county highway department for the same price that it has been for several years? Don’t the town’s expenses go up every year to do the work in this contract?

On the county level, why do we need 17 layers of government with more than 120 elected positions to run our county with a population of 60,000 while there are counties around the state and country with populations of 250,000 or more with one county government and as few as 50 elected officials? Is it not time to bring Fulton County in to the 21st century?

As a candidate for Caroga supervisor, these are issues I believe need to be addressed and changed.


Caroga Lake

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