Julius best pick for city

I am writing to ask the citizens of Johnstown to join me in voting for Michael Julius as the next mayor of Johnstown. I have been privileged to know Michael as a friend for more than six decades. We grew up in the same neighborhood in Johnstown and Michael still lives in the home and neighborhood where he was born. He is a proud son of Johnstown who graduated from Johnstown High School, earned his pharmacy degree at Albany College of Pharmacy, married his wife, Catherine, and the two of them operated their own independent pharmacy for many years before recently retiring. They raised their daughter, Vicki, and continued to proudly call Johnstown home throughout their lives. Now, Michael has an opportunity to give back to the city he has loved throughout his lifetime. He has the time, energy and vision to be the kind of mayor the people of Johnstown have come to expect of their mayor.

I know Michael to be a man of principle and someone who will be accessible as our mayor. He has been a successful small businessman who knows that small business is the backbone of our local economy. But he also understands as times change, our young people need to be trained for the kind of high-tech jobs that represent the future of our regional economy. We are fortunate to have good people working in local government at all levels and we need someone with the sensibility and maturity to represent Johnstown’s interests in those ongoing discussions concerning our future. I trust Michael Julius and am confident that he will work collegially with the members of our city council to preserve Johnstown’s resources and traditions, support our city’s small-business community, ensure that the needs of our senior citizens are met and expand our tax base in a responsible manner.

Please vote for Michael Julius and keep a steady hand at the helm of our city government.



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