Julius perfect for position

As the date of the election approaches, many of us are considering who is the best candidate for mayor. I for one believe the best candidate is Michael Julius. He is a lifelong resident of Johnstown and understands the nuances of this particular city. He understands its people and its history. But most importantly, he loves this city of his birth, the place he chose to live with his wife of 35 years and raise their daughter.

After graduating from Johnstown High School and leaving to attend pharmacy school, he could have, like many others, stayed away and started a career and a family somewhere with more opportunities and a more substantial economy. But he didn’t.

He returned to his home, Johnstown, and worked and contributed to the region. Later, he started a small pharmacy of his own. Again, he worked and succeeded from his own perseverance. When he sold his pharmacy, the idea he had for several years became more of a possibility – the dream to become mayor and to give back, to use his skills as a businessman to help to bring opportunities to this area and jump-start the struggling economy, to encourage high-tech industries to come here and, with them, bring tax revenues and, most importantly, jobs.

So when you are all deciding who deserves your vote Nov. 5, vote for the man who will be a full- time mayor to our city, who will bring his business knowledge, integrity and hard-working style to the office.

Put aside the thoughts of the old guard and party affiliations. The perfect person for the job is currently running. His name is Michael Julius.



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