Make effort to vote Nov. 5

My name is Alex Kuchis, and I am running for Montgomery County Legislator for the 9th District. This district encompasses the village of Hagaman, the town of Amsterdam surrounding the village, the hamlet of Cranesville, the Rockton neighborhood in the city of Amsterdam, as well as the neighborhoods to the north and east of Upper Van Dyke Avenue in the city.

I have lived in Hagaman my entire life, and my late father grew up in Rockton. I have many friends who live or have lived not only in Rockton, but also in the Country Ridge neighborhood, Upper Van Dyke, and all the other “Uppers” along Upper Market Street. These connections give me the perspective of the residents of the 9th District.

Educational and professional qualifications: Attended both public and parochial schools in Amsterdam, graduating from Amsterdam High?School in 1982. Attended Fulton-Montgomery?Community College, and graduated from Siena College with a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1986. Immediately began working for a public accounting firm in Albany, with which I am still employed today.

Public service background: Involved with the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce for more than two decades; As a member of the Downtown Association for Business Loan Review Committee and as a Chamber Ambassador (2010 Ambassador of the Year). Elected to the Board of Directors, aiding in the merger with the Fulton County regional chamber. Elected an officer of the board of the newly merged chamber.

In 2005, I was asked to fill a vacated town of Amsterdam councilman position and accepted. At the end of serving the one-year term, I sponsored legislation to have an abandoned, contaminated mill in the town torn down and remediated, most of which was paid for by New York state. I am currently working to have the property converted to recreational use with the help the New York Army Reserve. I have served as an elected official in the town since 2007, and have sponsored many improvement projects, including installation of handicap access doors at Town Hall and installation of solar panels on both town buildings. I have received the endorsement of current county supervisor from the town of Amsterdam, Tom DiMezza.

In summation, I ask that the voters of the 9th District make every effort to go to the polls Nov. 5 and vote for the candidate they feel is most qualified to serve their interests.



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