Neil McGovern knows Lake Pleasant

I’m writing today to urge voters in Lake Pleasant to re-elect Neil McGovern as their town supervisor.

Before I ran for Congress, I knew very few people in Hamilton County. So I asked around: Who should I go see there? Who knows the issues, big and small? Who can explain what drives the local economy? Who can tell me how the government is run and what taxpayers’ biggest concerns are?

The answer was always the same: Neil McGovern.

I knew exactly why people pointed me in his direction after I met him the first time at The Inn at Speculator – the restaurant he and his family have owned for 35 years.

Neil is a great ambassador for both Lake Pleasant and Hamilton County.

He spoke to me as a businessman, telling me about the challenges and rewards of running a restaurant in a small village with a tourism-based economy.

He spoke to me as a supervisor, telling me how he and the board have held the line on taxes by sharing services with other governments and delaying non-essential equipment purchases. This year, Neil delivers his fourth consecutive budget that calls for no increase in town taxes – a feat not seen in Lake Pleasant in more than 60 years.

He spoke to me as a 20-year board member at Nathan Littauer Hospital, which is trying to modernize services, improve patient care and still stay in compliance with numerous state and federal regulations.

And he spoke to me as a member of dozens of various community groups, on issues as diverse as the local labor force, the nearby state and federal prisons and the importance of good senior care.

Simply put, Neil is the best representative for Lake Pleasant because he knows Lake Pleasant. He sees all sides of the issues at hand – the government side, the business side and the taxpayers side.

I truly believe the people of Lake Pleasant and Hamilton County will be in the best hands if they elect Neil McGovern to a third term. I encourage everyone to vote for him Nov. 5.



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