Support Jeffers for mayor

As a first-time voter in the city of Johnstown, I want to express how excited I am to vote in this year’s election. I have had the great pleasure of supporting Scott Jeffers as he has campaigned throughout the city to gain your support.

I believe that Mr. Jeffers has what it takes to make real and positive change for Johnstown. I know that he genuinely loves this city and wants to make others feel the same way. Jeffers may be young, but I know that his knowledge of government and history is well advanced. He has taught government in our local schools and currently serves on the city’s water board.

Scott Jeffers has realistic plans for the city and has spoken with many local business owners to gain insight to what they believe would be needed change. He has campaigned door to door to speak with residents and to introduce himself to the public. What better way to understand issues that need to be addressed than going directly to the citizens and seeking their opinions?

Having taught and coached for the Johnstown School District, Jeffers has a great connection with the youth of Johnstown. He has shown that he wants to give back to this community and help it grow, and getting young people involved in our great city is one way he plans to get it done.

It is his devotion to this city, great knowledge and realistic goals that is why I give my full support to Scott Jeffers. Vote Jeffers on Nov. 5.



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