Ticket misrepresents facts

Recently, the Kemper/Poulin ticket asked the question why the town tax rate is 96 cents per $1,000 and the village rate $7.75 per $1,000. If you have all the facts, it is easy to understand that there is no way to make a proper comparison.

For example, if you take the village budget and use the town’s assessments and revenues, you get an estimated village tax rate of 49 cents per $1,000. Do the same with the town budget using the village’s revenue and assessments and you will have an estimated town tax rate of $ 9.78 per thousand. The Kemper/Poulin ticket likes to compare apples to oranges in an attempt to misrepresent the facts that are not comparable so as to be in their favor.

A fact that the public may not be aware of is that the town supervisor recently took the salary of $4,255 as budget officer (without board approval), which is a 17.5 percent increase in her overall town salary. The town already has a bookkeeper, hired by Kemper, who does the budget.

These are perfect examples of the Kemper/Poulin ticket using smoke-and-mirror techniques trying to convince the public that they are more fiscally responsible than I have been at the village, when in fact they are not.

I have worked diligently in the village over the past eight years to hold the line on taxes and spending while still trying to improve the community, and I will bring this experience with me to the town level as supervisor.


Northville mayor

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