Vote down Prop. 5 Nov. 5

Election day is coming, and ballot Proposition 5 asks voters about an Adirondack land swap. I write to call attention to Proposition 5.

Should we-the people of New York state-swap land with a mining company? Will we give away our rare old-growth Adirondack Forest Preserve? Could we give up 200 acres constitutionally protected as “forever wild”? What do we stand for?

Some say, “Vote, Yes!” They claim Proposition-5 will give land for recreation and jobs for New York ( They call it a “win-win” situation with 1,500 cut-over acres added for recreation and 100 jobs preserved with a company.

Some say, “Vote, No!” They call Proposition-5 a raw deal for the Forest Preserve, and they challenge us to stand and vote it down. Stunning images capture the 200-acres of old forest targeted for destruction. Historical summaries document that the company has already received state mining permits to sustain their business. Compelling writings also reveal the bone-chilling precedent to follow a first-ever swap of forest preserve land for remote commercial benefit.

Will we open Pandora’s Box to sell off land our forefathers protected constitutionally as “forever wild?” Let us stand up and vote down Proposition 5.



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