Voters’ support sought

To the constituents of the town of Mohawk, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mark Hoffman. I am running for the Mohawk Town Council as an independent candidate. My platform for the position is the Think for Yourself party.

At the county, city and town level, the emphasis should not be on Democratic or Republican political affiliation. This is not quite as vital as on the state level or national level. Regardless of political affiliation, it is imperative to make the town where you live better for all.

Since 1993, I have lived on the Sand Flats in the Mohawk as a homeowner and taxpayer. Overall, I have been employed by Montgomery County for 30 years with 27 of them full time. I have seen the “politics” on all levels, living in the county and being a regular at county board meetings. Unfortunately, the good things – for the betterment of the county and towns – get put on hold many times because of petty differences between parties and personal vendettas. For the town of Mohawk, things have been good during my residency. You can say that it’s been the “status quo” for quite some time. But the future can be bright for this area and our town with a little vision. The future of our area is a major concern with the quality of life being the utmost to all residents. To accomplish this, a good balance and a clear even outlook is needed. As councilman, I will look at all the facts and do what is in the best interest for all town residents. I ask for your support with your vote on Election Day, Nov. 5, on row nine, line I on the town of Mohawk ballot.



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