Wentworth right for job

Who is there every time there is a crisis in Gloversville? It seems that Robin Wentworth is the loudest voice on the Gloversville City Council when it is time to speak out or fight for the people of Gloversville. It only would be logical that she becomes the councilman-at-large, as she has been doing the job right along.

Robin Wentworth brought all parties back to the table after relations between Gloversville and town of Johnstown hit an all-time low. Revenue sharing may be a solution to the shame of Gloversville having the highest property tax in the state. Now the two governments can talk despite the fact that the current mayor reneged on the revenue-sharing agreement.

When the Walmart deal looked lost, Robin aggressively pursued the representatives for Wal-Mart, and now we have this new store and the much-needed revenue. I also was in touch with Walmart and found that Robin had it covered.

When the state and federal legislators dragged their feet on designer drugs that were being sold to our children, it was Wentworth who pushed a local law that kept these substances out of Gloversville and our children’s hands. As a part of ASAPP’s Promise, I saw the efforts firsthand.

Railfest, a Gloversville fun and family day that has become a tradition, was in danger of being lost due to illness of the then-chairman. Robin Wentworth took over the reins and, tough taskmaster she is, got 110 percent out of everyone involved and made it a success, and then made it even better the next year. My sweaty, sore, tired body bore evidence of how much effort went into Railfest.

When Robin Wentworth took an active role in directing Gloversville Recreation, things got done; again, I was there.

The list goes on, but there are limits to the length of these letters. The point is that Wentworth is a self-motivated, tireless advocate for Gloversville’s people. My own experiences with Robin show she expects the best from everyone when she is involved in something.

When the mayor has exceeded his authority or done wrong, it is Robin Wentworth who is the first to speak out, not the current councilman-at-large, who, though a nice person, has nothing to his credit for all his time in office.

Robin Wentworth is the logical, necessary choice for councilman-at-large for Gloversville.



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