Wentworth works hard

Anyone who has been paying any attention at all to Gloversville city government over the last several years knows or should know who Robin Wentworth is.

For those of you who only complain but don’t pay attention, Robin is currently serving on the Gloversville Common Council representing the 1st Ward. Robin is also campaigning to be the next councilman-at-large representing the entire city of Gloversville, and I don’t think there is anyone more qualified for this position than Robin Wentworth. In fact, for some time now, she’s been doing the job of councilman-at-large even though someone else has the title. She now also deserves the title.

If I tried to list in this letter all the things she has accomplished and all that she has done for the city of Gloversville during her time on the council, I’d get a call from the Leader telling me to cut it down to 400 words from the thousands of words it would take.

I challenge anyone to name another person who does more research, who is better prepared, who is more knowledgeable and will fight harder for all the residents of Gloversville than Robin Wentworth. There is no other person.

When you go out to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5, please vote for Robin Wentworth for councilman-at-large in Gloversville. Thank you.



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