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On Tuesday, the voters of Gloversville will be voting for two citywide offices, mayor and councilman-at-large. In addition, in Wards 3, 4, 5 and 6, Republican voters will have the opportunity to vote for true Republican candidates for supervisor. Although the Republican candidates for county clerk, Ann Nickloy and County Treasurer Edgar “Terry” Blodgett, are running unopposed, it is important to still vote for them, thus showing support for the Republican Party, its platform and principles.

As a result of the September primary, Dayton King is the party’s candidate for mayor. He is seeking a second term in office. King has campaigned on his record and has promised to reduce the tax rate. James Robinson, current councilman-at-large, is also seeking a second term in his position. Having served in government for many years, he brings knowledge gained to the position.

Michael F. Gendron has diligently served the residents of Ward 3 as supervisor for several years, serving twice as chairman of the board. His longevity shows his commitment to continuing a positive attitude toward Fulton County’s future, while at the same time representing his ward and the city and assisting the residents of Ward 3 in a fair and equitable manner.

Charles Potter is seeking a second term as supervisor in Ward 4. Potter has made himself accessible to his constituents and has worked well with the board to further Fulton County’s interests and keep the tax rate as low as possible. He will continue in this manner during his second term.

In Ward 5, Matthew Meyers is on the ballot as the Republican candidate. By now, it is known that since the ballots were prepared, he has accepted an unexpected promotion that requires him to move out of New York state. If he is still the winner of the seat, the council will interview and select a true Republican to serve Ward 5.

Warren Greene, former county Probation Department director, is seeking his first term as supervisor. He is unopposed for the position currently held by Richard Ottalagano. Greene is fiscally conservative and has the ability to look at the “whole picture” before making a decision. He will be a positive addition to the board and will work well with the members and county officials.

Please take the time to research these candidates and vote Republican on Nov. 5.



Gloversville Republican Committee

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