Choose GOP candidates

On Tuesday, we will be going to the polls to cast our votes for individuals who will lead our county, the 4th Judicial District and six ballot proposals that are amendments to our New York State Constitution. We have a talented, competent and qualified group of Republican candidates running on the Republican line, line B.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention some of our races and candidates and ask for your support for them when you vote.

Judges Thomas Nolan and Stan Pritzker both need your vote for the Fourth Judicial District for Supreme Court and Judge Thomas Walsh is running again for city judge in Johnstown. These gentlemen have extensive qualifications for the jobs and are individuals of outstanding character, honesty and integrity.

Incumbent Edgar “Terry” Blodgett is running for treasurer and Ann Nickloy for clerk. Both county seats are unopposed.

Incumbent Mayor Dayton King is running for a second term in Gloversville, while Scott Jeffers is running for mayor in Johnstown.

Other contested races throughout our county -running for supervisor, James Groff, George Capek, Mike Gendron, Thomas Christopher, Ralph Ottuso; Gloversville’s councilman-at-large, Jim Robinson: Mayfield councilmen, Vince Coletti, Steve VanAllen; Northampton councilmen, Darryl Roosa, Art Simmons; Oppenheim highway superintendent, Richard Crum; Stratford councilman, Allen Perkins, and highway superintendent, Gary Rumrill; Bleecker councilman, David Bartholomew; Caroga town clerk, Linda Gilbert, and councilmen, Anthony Sturchio and John Glenn; town of Johnstown, Walt Lane, James Westover, councilmen. These men and women, along with other Republicans, are all on line B and are here to serve you.

We have many more men and women running unopposed throughout our county. They are dedicated to being the best they can to make our county one of the best in the state. They are all running on the Republican line, line B.

If you have questions about the amendments to the state constitution, feel free to call me at 212-2123, and we can discuss the implications of these ballots.

I’m 100 percent behind our Republican candidates, all of whom are running on the Republican line, line B.


Fulton County Republican Committee


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