Don’t hesitate to offer help with dinners

I want to thank everyone who helped with our recent Harvest Dinner at the Bleecker Fish & Game Club.

They say many hands make little work. Well, we could have used a few more hands, but we managed. With the 300-plus members we have, I would think we could get a little more help with the Saturday dinners. We do around 25 dinners a year. We run these dinners from September through November and then again from January through May. We could use the help for these dinners. There are three of us who do all the prep work on Friday nights (after working all day) and then Saturday cooking all day to give our members and guests a great dinner. We have eat-in dinners or take-out dinners available. So, I’m asking our membership to please give up one Saturday to help. I give up 25-plus Friday nights and all-day Saturdays so you can have a great meal. Remember, this is your club, too.

Just a little reminder, we are sponsoring our Thanksgiving dinner for the needy again this year. The signup poster is up. Items we’re looking for are the following: Turkeys, cranberry sauce, gravy, vegetables, pies, potatoes and stuffing. The more ingredients we have, the more families we can feed for the Thanksgiving holiday. Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is about – helping others who are less fortunate? Help also is needed to put together the dinners and then deliver them to the families. It’s also a great way to see friends and have a great time helping someone else.



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