Support Handy for mayor

This letter is written in support of my husband, James Handy, for mayor of Gloversville. I am asking for your support by voting for him on Election Day on Tuesday. He will bring back experience, honesty and integrity to the office of mayor.

Jim has served our city as council member, councilman-at-large and presently, he is on the Planning Board. He has fiscal experience in working with the city’s budget for many years. Additionally, he has worked with prior mayors to broaden our tax base and increase our revenues.

Jim will protect our assets such as water and sewer, and at the same time, look to restrengthen our relationship with neighboring communities. He believes we all need to work together to accomplish great deeds.

Economic development is sorely needed for Gloversville’s growth. We have become the forgotten city in Albany, and that needs to change.

Safety concerns are utmost in his mind for our fellow residents. Therefore, he is staunch supporter of the police and fire departments.

We have heard from many of our fellow citizens that transit is lacking due to the elimination of the Johnstown run. Jim would work to re-establish discussions for a much-needed intercity route.

Please restore faith in our city by voting for James E. Handy, independent candidate, on row 5F. We need a city we can be proud of because Gloversville matters.

Thank you for your support.



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