City does not fund library

In her letter published Jan. 10, Susie Knapp implied the city of Gloversville gave financial support to the Gloversville Public Library. That is incorrect.

In 2005, the city budgeted no money for the library, and that has not changed.

However, the city was still the landlord of the library building and had responsibility for maintenance and repairs until 2011 when the library took ownership of it. Since that time, there has been no financial relationship of any sort between the city and the library.

I feel it is important also to note that the library is in the midst of a capital campaign whose goal is to raise the money to restore, repair and upgrade the 111-year-old building, a building which has never been renovated. We hope to transform a 19th-century institution into a 21st-century library to be enjoyed by all the citizens of Gloversville. The million-dollar donation referred to in Knapp’s letter was given in support of the capital campaign and cannot be used to fund the library’s operating budget.



Co-chair of the GPL Capital Campaign

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