Only Jesus Christ can bestow peace

“Black Lives Matter” is now the slogan used among some black people across America. I wholeheartedly concur.

However, I would like to amend that statement and write, “Human lives matter.”

The United States has witnessed a spate of mass shootings. Most recently San Bernadino, Calif. and Paris, France, witnessed mass shootings, which I attribute to the insensitive satirical publication that denigrates Muslims. ISIS got its revenge. Charlie Hebdo is located in Paris, France. I stated in my guest column that I do not consider mudslinging to be free speech, but hate crimes. So, now people live their lives in fear and trepidation. Americans have a gut wrenching fear ISIS will launch a major offensive against the United States similar to Sept. 11, 2001. So, how do you conquer fear? Listen carefully. “Are you ready to hear me say,” as Donald Trump would state, to begin with:

1. Realize there is a God called Emmanuel who is in control.

2. Respond to fear by placing your faith in Christ Jesus, the son of God.

3. Request Christ Jesus put you under his saving protection.

4. Resist the feelings to succumb to fear by abiding in word of God and staying steadfastly in prayer.

5. Rely upon a fellow Christian to share your feelings of fear.

6. Release your fears to Christ Jesus, for he is trustworthy.

A former president of the United States during the 20th century, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, stated, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Undeniably, fear can have a paralyzing effect since we can be overwhelmed by fear that we fail to engage in the activities of life – we refuse to shop at malls, attend theaters or eat at restaurants. Fear can be quite intensifying to the degree we must seek professional aid from a minister or psychiatrist.

So, men and women, learn to control your fears instead of letting those fears control you. Learn to practice peace, which only Christ Jesus can bestow.



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