Editorial on walkers took wrong step

I find myself opposed to your editorial published Jan. 30. In the “Cheers and jeers” you were critical of citizens – both young and old, I presume – who walk in the city streets.

Perhaps you don’t realize it, but due to our winter season this year many of our sidewalks are just plain impassable because of the frequency of ice we have had.

Also, in other parts of the city there are just no sidewalks to use, such as the section of upper Eastern Boulevard. Walking or jogging in the brisk healthy air of winter is one of the joys people have living in the Northeast in general, and Gloversville in particular.

The fact I am 70 years of age also precludes this is one kind of exercise still left to us as senior citizens.

Perhaps your editorial would have been better served to remind citizens of their responsibility to better maintain the sidewalks near their properties.

In any case, with all the serious issues facing our city, our state, and our country such as crime, corruption in government, or conflicts in the Middle East, I am quite amazed that an issue such as this garnered time or ink on your behalf.

However, I do have a solution. Perhaps you would like to join us for a nice brisk walk in our wonderful city, not only for good heart health, but to see for yourself the condition of our sidewalks at this time of year.



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