Honoring those who blazed a trail

In celebration of Older Americans Month 2016, the Fulton County Office for Aging would like to introduce people to two trail blazers, who were honored at Senior Day on Tuesday.

Ms. Irene Hauser is a well known, well loved retired elementary school teacher who continues to blaze a trail for others who volunteer in our community. Among a myriad of other things, Hauser volunteers at her church, at the NOAH outreach, at the Johnstown senior center, at Nathan Littauer Hospital and as a leader in the Fulton County Senior Council. We appreciate Irene’s positive nature of giving back and of keeping active.

Ms. Pat Buell has a history of working with seniors during her tenure as a nutrition coordinator. She was a member of the team that assisted in the transition of the senior nutrition program to the Office for Aging.

In addition, Pat supports the James A. Brennan Humane Society as a board member and volunteer. She also is a member of the Office for Aging Advisory Council and also volunteers at the Office for Aging one day a week. She volunteers so she can stay busy and stay useful to the community. Pat blazes the trail for all of us through her volunteerism.

The Fulton County Office for Aging continues to blaze a trail for all who participate in civic engagement, who look to us for help with encore careers and future planning, when we help people make wise choices for their retirements and health insurance planning, and when we encourage people to stay strong and healthy through our living healthy classes.

I am sure you know other trail blazers in the community, so please thank them for their forethought and great ideas to make our community better. Let them mentor you, work with them to create positive change, partner with them to make a difference. Call the OFA at 736-5650 to help us blaze the trail for Fulton County.


Fulton County Office for Aging & Youth

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