Clinton’s comments show he is a bigot

I am a history buff, my wife would say obsessed, so I was watching a documentary on D-Day.

I was again struck by the incredible courage and trust in each other that those men showed.

Earlier, I had read the comments made by Bill Clinton at a Union County Community College speech. He stated white, non-college educated Americans need to be brought along to the future, and that they should stop living in the past.

What he and his wife fail to understand is that these people do not want to live in the past; they want to honor it and ascribe to the same values shared by those men who invaded Normandy, and others. These values guide these hard-working men and women as they work in our armed forces, police, fire and so many other occupations necessary for the growth of our economy.

These comments show how completely disconnected from the American people the Clintons are. They would not begin to understand the values of these Americans. Honesty and trust are not two words that you would associate with either of them. The thought of being dependent on them in a life or death situation is really frightening.

All Bill Clinton has revealed is what elitist bigots they are.


St. Johnsville

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