Keeping a nice neighborhood

This letter addresses code enforcement and how it relates to the community as a whole and property taxes that homeowners pay.

Most responsible homeowners care about the appearance of their properties and work hard to keep them up whether it be the home, landscaping, etc. – they understand their property affects the overall neighborhood conditions and property values.

It is discouraging when a homeowner who cares and does his or her best to keep the property and pays high taxes to live there, sees hard working people with nice, modest homes surrounded by homes that are in disrepair, junk cars that are unregistered and garbage laying out to be blown around.

One wonders how this is allowed to happen; isn’t there code enforcement for this?

Taking pride in your neighborhood benefits everyone in the community, working families/ children and the elderly. If people would respect their neighbor and their property, communities would be better off and at least we’d feel a little better about the property taxes we pay.



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