Conserve to fight climate change

We’ve all heard a lot about global warming and climate change. What can we, as individuals, do about it?

You may think your individual efforts won’t add up, but together, we can make a big difference.

You can break one stick easily, but not a bunch of sticks. It’s the same sort of thing: together, we are big.

So, here are some suggestions of ways to conserve:

Cut down on eating beef, or give it up altogether. The cattle industry causes a lot of methane to be released into the atmosphere, which is 80 times worse than carbon dioxide.

Use clean, renewable energy for heat and electric. Turn down the heat 2 degrees in winter, and turn the air conditioner up 2 degrees in summer.

Use CFLs or LEDs instead of incandescent bulbs.

Unplug or use power strips for TV, computers, or anything with a light or clock.

Use your car less, consolidate errands, walk, cycle, or take public transportation. Carpool.

Turn off car when not driving, no needless idleing.

Recycle and reuse.

Run dishwasher only when fully loaded. Airdry dishes.

Wash clothes in cold water, air dry.

Buy the most energy efficient appliances and car.

Turn off lights when not in use. Rake, shovel and use an electric lawn mower.



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