Opinions mixed on Ephratah zoning

Lately, the opinions are mixed in the rural town of Ephratah.

The subject of “zoning” seems to have captured the theme of this farming community; rules to protect us from whom? – towns’ people scoff.

Throughout Fulton County there seems to be an inherent move to bring townships and hamlets into compliance with rules and regulations set forth by those government entities who feel they must protect us from ourselves. Fulton County Planning Director Jim Mraz seems to have utilized some boiler plate zoning ordinance for Ephratah and Fulton County villages alike, in an effort to control and derive additional levy.

The town of Ephratah has been a sovereign and functional rural community since its inception in 1827. Some of the towns people are firm believers in the old adage “if it works – don’t fix it,” this I must add, speaks volumes for the people of Ephratah. A vote by the Ephratah Town Board to enact such restrictions would certainly be a disservice to the many residents of this free living pastoral community.



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