Drive safely, workers at risk

Oct. 9 marked the one-year anniversary of my husband’s accident in which he was hit by a car while working on the side of the road as a county employee.

He has just recently returned back to work, but will suffer the effects of that day for the rest of his life.

I chose to write this because I wanted to take this opportunity to remind people to be more aware and more cautious of vehicles on or off the sides of the road.

There are county, state, utility, police, fire and EMS workers that risk their lives every day on the streets and highways. They are doing their jobs, and just like you, they all have families that want them to come home safe.

There is no place you need to be that is important enough to risk someone else’s life.

If it’s raining, slow down.

If it’s foggy, slow down.

If the sun is in your eyes, slow down.

If it’s snowing or icy, please slow down.

Please also teach this to your young drivers who are newly licensed.

Please evaluate the driving ability of your elderly family members. It may be time to discuss giving up the keys.

This all could save a life.

As I stated once before, you do not want to be the reason someone does not make it home to their family. Be safe!



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