Felons should not be in SUNY schools

Felons should not be in SUNY schools

Regarding the Leader-Herald’s article: FMCC considers change to admissions, published on Sept. 19.

The State University of New York Board of Trustees voted to ban new student application forms approving them not to report prior felony convictions, (yes that is plural).

Their rationale is that almost all higher educational institutions have done that according to FMCC President Dustin Swanger, and further states there had been a movement across the country to not ask that question. He also states our good state governor approves of this action.

Note the attempt to mitigate this mandate by limiting this decision to only those students applying for campus housing, internship, etc. Note also that this “post” stipulation is required only after the students have already been “admitted” into the college.

It is deplorable enough that our education system has lowered educational proficiency standards to the level we are graduating students into an ever-increasing technical society and dooming those ill-prepared students to fail to acquire their full academic proficiency according to their full potential.

Now we further encumber them with known felons in their midst and expect positive results from this intermingling.

This deplorable reasoning is beyond comprehension.

One noted state senator – back when morality was held in better regard – regarded these actions as “defining deviancy down.”

I fully sympathize with these young people who break established civil laws – most likely due to improper parenting – but these laws must be enforced if we are to continue a civil and safe society.

These convicted felons must understand that breaking laws must have consequences. They must earn trust back and re-enter society with a period of established good behavior. Any other social response would further encourage more social decay.

There is no net positive by allowing convicted felons into our college population’s social fabric. Our college leaders accept this mandate from elitist unelected educational bureaucrats. These decisions must be approved by the people whose tax dollars support these colleges, and their students who attend those colleges.

Dear readers, please call your elected officials about this deplorable mandate that will only further erode and escalate our descent into a collective dysfunction of our educational system, and that is further than it is.



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