Letters to the editor

Cheers to a fine

small business

There are many small businesses in our area that do not get the recognition and credit that they deserve.

One of these is Adirondack Stretcher and Ambulette.

Linda and Rick are amazing people whose level of caring and compassion is stellar. They go out of their way to make the folks that they transport feel safe and comfortable, which is so important for people who are tied to a wheelchair or unable to drive themselves.

Not only do they make people feel like they are important, but every trip with them is an enjoyable experience. Thank you both for being so wonderful!

David Surnear


DeSantis practices

what he preaches

On Feb. 25, an unusually warm day, when residents were out washing their cars, jogging, taking leisurely walks, or simply just enjoying the benefits of the day, I was driving down Prospect Avenue when I noticed city Councilman Vincent DeSantis cleaning up the corner of an intersection.

I just wanted to share this observation as it sets a good example for the residents of our community.

Hoping to improve Gloversville is a nice idea; doing something about it is even better.

Thank you Councilman DeSantis for helping lead the way in our community.

Charles DeLilli


Fire devestated us,

community lifted us

On Jan. 31, we lost our home to fire.

A whole community of people, friends, family, co-workers and strangers came to our aid. Food, shelter, clothes, donations all started rolling in.

It is heartfelt that this kind of generosity is so plentiful in society in this day and age. Most of what we watch and read in todays news is murder, robbery, scams and hate. Why can’t news of humanity and generosity like we received this past month be on TV and newspapers?

There is a chance that it could inspire more people to be compassionate and helping to others.

We want to extend a note of gratitude to all who have helped us. We are rebuilding when the weather breaks.

Please support your local first responders, firemen and police as they show up urgently without being asked.

Doug and

Vicki Dutcher


Stefanik has always

been accessible

In response to Jason Subik’s column on Sunday (March 12), I wanted to set the record straight about Congresswoman (Elise) Stefanik’s strong record of constituent outreach, transparency and accessibility.

His piece fails to mention that, last term, Congresswoman Stefanik spoke with thousands of constituents across the district at over 500 visits, including “Coffee with Your Congresswoman” events, small business stops, farm visits and school tours.

She made 16 stops in Fulton County alone. Our office also has hosted nine tele-townhall events where we dial out to tens of thousands of houses across the district, speaking directly to the constituents we are proud to represent.

While Congresswoman Stefanik was unable to attend the constituent townhall mentioned in the piece because she was out of the country on an official Intelligence Committee visit, she has held meetings with those involved in the organizing of the event and dozens more groups recently.

Furthermore, last Congress, Congresswoman Stefanik held almost 140 media availabilities in the district to speak directly with local press and answer their questions on issues of the day, in addition to the hundreds of media questions we field from local media outlets on a day to day basis throughout the year.

Mr. Subik complains of access, yet that was the first media request he has submitted to our office in the over two years since the Congresswoman has been sworn in. (Editor’s note: Subik had made repeated phone calls that were not returned).

Each week our office interacts with hundreds and sometimes thousands of families in our district on the most pressing issues before Congress and we are grateful to hear their concerns.

This term, Congresswoman Stefanik will continue this aggressive constituent outreach so that we can bring the opinions of the North Country families she represents with her to Congress.

Tom Flanagin

Communications Director

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik

Thanks to Fultonville firefighters

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the Fultonville fire department and the other fire companies for the outstanding job they did to battle the huge fire at the Fultonville Methodist Church.

Through their great efforts, they were able to save my home located next door and I’ll be forever grateful. I give them a gratitude of thanks for putting their lives on the line for all of us whenever needed and whatever the weather.

I would also like to thank all who have reached out to me with phone calls to show their concern.

My love and sympathy goes out to the congregation of the Fultonville Methodist Church. God Bless all of you.

Peg LaBarge


Meeting schedule

denies citizens

In any democracy, citizen participation is key to success. However, it would appear Fulton County excludes those of its constituents who are employed.

I’ve looked into the schedule for April 2017, and found that virtually every meeting is held before 1 p.m.

∫ Monday, April 10 : 1 p.m., Board of Supervisors;

∫ Monday, April 24:

10 a.m., public safety standing committee meeting;

∫ Tuesday, April 25:

10 a.m., human services standing committee meeting;

∫ Wednesday, April 26:

10 a.m., personnel standing committee meeting;

∫ Wednesday, April 26: 

1 p.m., economic development and environment standing committee meeting;

∫ Thursday, April 27:

9:30am, finance standing committee;

The lone exception, which happens to be the only non-meeting on the calendar?

∫ Wednesday, April 26: 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., public Health rabies clinic.

We as taxpaying citizens need access to our boards to voice our opinions. This is a fundamental right which is being denied by scheduling.

Scott Simmons


By Chad Fleck

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