Trump’s news ban is frightening

I hope your readers are as frightened as they should be with Trump’s latest attempt to bring this country to its knees. His recent move to ban CNN and The New York Times from media briefings is the first major step to deprive citizens of news that speaks truth.

When in the history of this country has any major politician worked so hard to undermine the press?

Our Democracy depends on and must have a free press. Russians and other despotic rulers control their media by only allowing pro-government news. Is that what Trump supporters want? We know that is what Trump wants.

Wake up America. Fight an administration that deprives you of your right to a free press. I am terribly sorry, Mr. Trump, that you don’t like the truth told about your efforts to create a regime like the one enjoyed by your buddy, Vladimir Putin. This is the United States of America.

I never thought that we were going to fight for rights that we have always had.

I’m frightened. You should be, too.



By Patricia Older

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