Make tax forms easily accessible

This year, taxpayers who make out their own returns may have noticed New York state did not send out the basic IT-201 forms to both the Johnstown and Gloversville libraries. Nor did a prominent taxpayer have this form, saying they did theirs on computer.

Thus, these taxpayers can’t even submit their returns unless they pay to have them downloaded at the library. This seems like a minor mandate until you multiply the expense by thousands of affected taxpayers — money saved, apparently, by the state for more important matters.

This neglect is both disgraceful as well as shortsighted. If people have no forms, they won’t pay taxes and the state will lose far more than printing costs.

Yet, there might be some logic here — if one cannot afford a computer (and its service) or have their taxes done by a tax preparer, they probably aren’t paying much. But by not submitting, they are open for penalties and possibly jail.



By Patricia Older

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