Pantry directors showed dedication

As we all know, there are people in our community who truly make a difference in the lives of others; people who are willing to give of their time and talent often work behind the scenes and can go unrecognized while making an impact in their community.

Two such people are Tom and Kathy Mickel, who directed the Twin Cities Council of Churches Food Pantry for the residents of the city of Johnstown for more than a decade. The pantry, located at St. John’s Episcopal Church, is open every Wednesday morning from 9 a.m. until noon. The Mickels and their many volunteers have provided a necessary service to people in need.

As incoming directors of the food pantry, we have assumed a project which was well-organized, efficient and on solid financial ground.

The Mickels spent time with us to be sure we understood the intricacies of working with the Regional Food Bank, teaching us the system of keeping the shelves stocked and guided us through the paperwork required to operate a successful food pantry.

The commitment shown by Tom and Kathy Mickel needs to be recognized for the positive impact they have made on our community. The amount of time they have dedicated to this most worthwhile program cannot even be calculated. Their motivation was certainly not for recognition, but to serve a need and to help make the lives of others more comfortable. As the new directors of the Twin Cities Council of Churches Food Pantry, we thank Tom and Kathy and their volunteers for all their hard work and dedication and for facilitating the smooth transition in this most important ministry.



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By Patricia Older

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