Barone’s take on Comey off base

I can only say that it is with total disbelief that [syndicated columnist] Michael Barone compares himself with Byron York of the Washington Examiner. I say that because I’m sure Byron watches television. Something Mr. Barone obviously does not.

After reading Barone’s op-ed column of May 14, I realize there are still educated people with their heads in the sand. Let’s look at the facts, something Barone did not.

First, Barone seems to blame Comey’s firing on the Clintons. As implausible as that is, let’s just run with it for now. I know, we can also pretend there are unicorns in the fields.

Barone would not hold Comey accountable for his actions. As if the Clintons could make him do or say whatever they wanted.

Barone seems to be blaming the victim for the crime. It’s her fault she was attacked because she was wearing high heels. I’m quite sure Comey is capable to speak for himself. Whatever he did, he did it, whatever he said, he said, not the Clintons.

If that was the reason, then why did it take Trump over four months to fire him? Does anyone out there really think Trump was upset over what Comey did during the election?

The Trump that kept saying “lock her up, lock her up, lock her up” and “crooked Hillary?”

The Clintons were not the reason Comey was fired. No matter what Barone wants to think, the “facts,” not the alternative facts, show otherwise.

Barone wails on and on about people like Rosenstein who had nothing to do with the firing of Comey. He was asked his opinion of Comey by his boss. He never said to fire him. He never wrote to fire him. What is even more hypocritical of Barone, he uses people who were in politics in the early ’70s to defend Rosenstein, but criticizes any comparisons to Nixon because it happened in the 1970s. So much for Barone’s door swinging both ways.

On national television, President Donald Trump, said to the world, the decision to fire Comey was mine and mine alone! But why did he fire him? Why then?

It would seem that Comey was expanding his investigation into the Trump-Russia connection and, one week prior to the firing, asked the Trump campaign for additional information. A week later he’s gone. Fired, in spite of the fact that on May 3, Trump said he had total confidence in Comey’s ability to run the FBI. He gave him a big hug and air kiss. What changed? Was it that the biggest grandstander and showboater of all time was jealous over Comey doing some showboating of his own? Or was it because Comey was getting close?


St. Johnsville

By Patricia Older

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