Don’t dump junk along highway

I don’t understand why people don’t use the dump rather than the roadside to get rid of their junk.

I travel Route 309 every day, and I used to enjoy the ride up to Bleecker. In the past few years, though, I must say that it is a whole different story. I am very disgusted with all the junk dumped along the highway.

There is a nice pull-off, just north of Phelps Street extension that the state kept mowed and plowed, and it used to be a nice place to pull off and read a book or just enjoy the animals playing or listening to the creek bubble. Now it is used as a dump.

First, it was “only” (used loosely) old tires that someone didn’t want to pay to get rid of. Then people started using it to get rid of their garbage. Now there are at least two mattresses and box springs and other junk sitting right next to a very nice stream that runs along the edge of the pull-off.

If that wasn’t enough, once the snow came and the state did not plow the area out like it used to, someone went north about a mile and tossed two more mattresses and box springs in the ditch.

I have lived on top of Bleecker Mountain for many years and never have I seen anything like this. What has happened to pride of our county and caring about our land? I guess some people just have no respect for the beautiful landscape. These people are very disrespectful of other people and “our” land.

I know whoever does these things probably doesn’t read the paper and won’t see this, but I had to speak out and maybe the right people will hear of this and stop doing it.



By Patricia Older

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