At long last we were listened to

At long last finally, after several months of trying to get our point across as too well we would like to see happen, the board finally put Tim Mattice on executive suspension as a bonus we also get Sheri Mc Closky in the package. As well as Bernie Manzer and Mike Pontacello resigning their position on the board. As far as Bernie’s statement that just what has Dan Towne ever done for GHA.

I guess I would have to say the same for him just what has he done? He has most recently said he wants to see someone in the office at Kingsboro Towers every day as well as a maintenance person every day. Let’s all remember that if the building in which he lives. We would all like to see you in the buildings where we live as well.

The statement he made saying tenants were complaining about the bed bug situation and that they didn’t like Tim sending in inspectors constantly. I have attended the monthly meetings for many months what I heard was that they wanted him to do something about the bed bugs all at once instead of one apartment at a time so let a little longer spread from one unit to another and no longer say we will look into it and get back to you which never happened.

We at the Kingsboro apartments were told to go ahead and order the furniture we wanted for the community room several months ago. I asked that we buy locally which Sheri and Tim sent OK. I made contact with [a local furniture store] and we made our choices. Tim went to the store to confirm and approve the order. A deposit was to be made and was not. We are always getting a different answer when we ask about it, it will be here in three weeks. Theresa, our office manager, says it’s not her decision, it’s up to the higher powers, then it was up to Sheri. We don’t think anyone knows who’s in charge of what any one time.

Of course there will always be some people will disagree with the decision that was made at the board meeting. There will always be some naysayers as well what more can you expect. I will say that upon going to string words the next morning to get the newspaper regarding this issue we were told that Amy had just came in and all the copies and he had an interesting don’t you think. Let’s just move on five about where the money is going and get things back on track like they used to be.



By Patricia Older

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