Rowback has real plan, fresh ideas

Recently I had a chance to sit down and speak with Bill Rowback Jr. regarding his plans for the city. I was very impressed.

Rowback didn’t run for office for any other reason than to give back and serve all the residents of Gloversville. He has been volunteering and giving to this community for his entire life. I believe that many of our barriers in Gloversville are caused by drugs, lack of recreation for our youth, and eyesores around the city. Morale is clearly low in our city, and that hasn’t changed over the past 7 1/2 years.

Rowback has a real plan for our city with new fresh ideas. His idea to utilize grant money to create a new senior-youth center would be an incredible asset to our community. We’ve needed this type of center for a long time. Investing in our youth is a good thing. I like Bill’s new idea to work with state officials to create a tracking system for drug abuse statewide. Communities, like Gloversville, will greatly benefit from such a program. We will finally get the resources we need. Rowback brings a lifetime of service to our community and new, fresh ideas to the office of mayor. I plan to vote for him on Nov. 7.



By Patricia Older

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