Bill Rowback inspires young people

I just graduated from high school. Like many young people in our city, I always wanted to leave Gloversville after I graduated.

Before now, I never really paid attention to politics. Politicians always appeared to me to be a group of people with smooth answers for everything. That all changed for me when I met Bill Rowback.

I have personally seen Bill Rowback’s commitment to Gloversville. Bill is a real person who always wants to help people, not for recognition, but just because it’s the right thing to do. I think we need more people like that in local government.

I think young people, like me, would get more involved in the community, if we had Bill Rowback as mayor. He gives us a great example of community over self.

Bill Rowback inspired me to get involved in my community and to give back. I know that, if he is elected mayor, that inspiring sentiment would pass on to so many others.



By Patricia Older

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