Gloversville Party brings harmony

On Jan. 12, 2016, the first officials from the Gloversville Party took their seats on the city council. From that day, the entire atmosphere at City Hall changed to one of cooperation and mutual respect.

The contention and inter-personal animosity that were so frequent before that time suddenly disappeared resulting in real progress on several fronts.

∫ The lawsuits with CRG were settled freeing up $900,000 in economic development funds now under the control of the mayor and city council.

∫ The city and CRG are partnering to establish a business incubator at its home offices in downtown Gloversville.

∫ The city partnered with CRG, the downtown BID, GEDC and several private businesses to fund a Downtown Development Specialist for thee years. Jennifer Jennings, our DDS, is already making downtown a destination, attracting much attention in Albany and the wider region.

∫ Our police force was strengthened by adding five new positions which will improve the quality of every neighborhood.

∫ A new contract with city firefighters was settled producing substantial savings to taxpayers and providing long term stability to our firefighters.

∫ A $150,000 grant was secured to fund a Neighborhood Quality Administrator for two years. Zachary Schwartz, our NQA, has already put blight enforcement on the front burner.

Though there is still much more to do, we are finally working together producing real solutions and laying a strong organizational foundation for a better Gloversville.

But bi-partisan cooperation and good will in government are very rare and very fragile.

I urge Gloversville voters to keep the Gloversville Party team together.

Re-elect: Mayor Dayton King and First Ward Councilwoman Marcia Weiss.

Elect: Elizabeth Batchelor in Ward 3 and myself, Vincent DeSantis, as councilman-at-large.

Keep us moving forward.



By Patricia Older

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