GOP-supported candidates have lost

The Gloversville Republican Committee has not been able to support a winning candidate for mayor since before the attacks of 9/11. The last time they supported a winning candidate was Mayor Frank Laporta in the summer of 2001. They are clearly a group of people who are out of touch with the wishes and desires of the citizens of the city of Gloversville. Why have they been wrong for almost two decades when it comes to selecting a candidate for mayor?

As has been evident from their past record, it does no good to look at the Gloversville Republican Committee endorsement for mayor in 2017. The clear choice is to stay the path with King. Lowered and controlled taxes, growth in businesses and reinvestment in the city is the path King has chosen for the city. He also negotiated a rare concession in staffing levels with the GFD. This is leadership. Keep Mayor King as our captain and continue to row forwards. Electing anybody but King will be rowing backwards. The city must continue to move forward. King for mayor is the only logical choice.



By Patricia Older

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