If there is no convention, do not expect any changes

It’s reported that enthusiasm for a state constitutional convention is waning. I think voters this November should approve the measure on the ballot.

How else can we create term limits on legislators, lower the burden of Medicare/Medicaid contributions by counties, deny state pensions on those convicted of felonies or defang the power of public employees than to make new laws? Obviously entrenched lawmakers have not nor will not make changes.

I even wonder if we should not change the composition of the state Senate to that of one county — one senator. This is how it is done on the federal level where each state, regardless of population, gets the same number of senators as any other. Under the present system, upstate has little voice against the greater population density of downstate. Such a change might stem the movement to create two states out of New York.

Better ideas would be heard. But if there is no convention, do not expect any changes. And remember that any proposals such as a convention comes up with would still have to be approved by the voters.




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