Now is the time to start thinking about the next election

November is the month during which we think about elections, and even though the state and federal elections for our Congressional representatives don’t take place until next year, it is never too soon to begin considering for whom to vote in the next election.

It seems pretty clear to me, and to anyone who has watched the news or read the papers about the hurricanes that devastated Houston, parts of Florida, and the northern Caribbean Islands, and about the massive forest fires ravaging the west, not to mention the unusually warm autumn weather, that, whether we like it or not, global warming is here and affecting us.

For future generations, we need to do our utmost to mitigate it, but with our current administration denying that anything is wrong, gutting the EPA, gagging climate scientists, and threatening to allow the fossil fuel companies to exploit our public lands, nothing will get done, it will only make things worse.

Please, listen to the candidates who will run next year, and vote for those who have consideration for your children and grandchildren by supporting the EPA, encouraging clean, renewable energy, and working toward keeping our air and water free of toxic pollution and climate-changing greenhouse gasses.




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