Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful

Thanksgiving — a time to be thankful for what we have been given. At the senior center in Gloversville, we have many individuals and organizations that have helped us over the years, the list would cover pages. My dad always said, “Keep it short,” so for now I’ll pick two.

Several of our board members are invited to attend the Fulmont Community Agency’s recognition dinner each year, held recently at the Holiday Inn.

We are amazed every time. I don’t think the general public has any idea the range of services this organization provides, let alone the number of lives it touches. From the struggling young parents with little children to the elderly seniors with health issues, they find ways to help. I don’t think its any secret that our senior center would find it very difficult to remain open without them. Thank you to Denis Wilson, his staff, employees and volunteers. Keep up the good work.

Many of the same comments and attributes apply to the United Way of Fulton County. Each year at their campaign kickoff in October, you hear about new programs and services Lisa Pfeiffer and her staff have come up with to help the people in Fulton County. Many of the meal and nutrition programs that we have at the center would not exist were it not for the United Way.

So from our board of directors, staff and most of all the seniors who rely on our facility, a heartfelt thank you.


Board president



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