Time to pass the Republican tax plan

The Republican Tax Plan will explode the national debt screams the liberal TV ad. I listened to the peevish ad and wonder what liberal media mountebank wrote this specious advertisement and ask: when did liberals become national debt hawks? In the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, not once did liberals complain regarding the ballooning debt — from about $10 trillion to $20 trillion. Will the Republican leadership deliver a middle-class tax plan or fold like a house of cards built by Kevin Spacey?

Under the Obama administration, healthy working-age adults let the system take care of their needs while staying at home. It is as if the administration said to them, to lie is better than to stand, to sleep is better than to wake. Progressive “government,” designed for the people, is truly in the hands of their bosses and employers — the special interest. If the government can provide for everything, then, it can also take it away. In fact, progressives government will stifle the spirit of individual daring and initiative and cost $10 trillion in eight years as we have witnessed under President Obama.

Does the Republican leadership have the backbone to stand up to the virulent verbal jabs from Schumer and Pelosi or will they lurch like a punch-drunk fighter trying to go forward but staggering backward, toward the kind of compromise the liberals want — a draw-the status quo?

A simple, bold tax plan is what the American people voted for last November, not for the status quo or a watered-down version that benefits millionaires, billionaires, and the special interests. A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man only once. Be bold.



By Patricia Older

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