Fulton County veterans deserve a full time representative

I am both a federal retiree and an Air Force veteran. About 18 years into my federal job two things happened.

1. A law was passed that if I received a federal pension, I would receive only half of my earned Social Security when I retired.

2. A law was passed to lower federal retirement benefits about 10 percent. Retirees could make up the difference by putting money into an IRA. Most retirees would never put in enough to get the full retirement benefit. Resulting in a lower pension for most — 75 to 80 percent of retirees would get less.

Now, the same thing as number 2 above is happening to the military. People entering the military now will get at least 10 percent less. As above most military people will never put in the total amount necessary and will get a reduced pension. At the same time we are sending our men and women overseas to fight and be killed, we are giving them less if they make it to retirement.

Here in Fulton County, we do not think enough of our veterans to make the local veterans position full time but we can spend $80,000 on a project which could be done in house.

As a veteran, I urge the county to make the veterans position full time. I believe us veteans deserve this and I hope other veterans will speak up about this needed service.



By Patricia Older

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