The name of a ‘business’ park matters

Names matter.

For the better part of 20 years, every time I traveled Route 5S between Main Street and Riverside Drive, I would go past the sign for the Glen Canal View Business Park.

Some have lately been referring to this as an “industrial park.” That limits our park. “Industrial” makes it sound like good commercial businesses like a modern office building, a software firm, a fulfillment center, or a call center would be excluded.

That is the wrong impression. Even a small office building could house dozens of good-paying jobs and support many times that number of jobs in Glen, Fonda, Fultonville, and nearby communities. The term “business park” includes industrial components, but opens the door to so many other possibilities.

Sometimes, people use different names for things to cast them in a different light. It may be that those calling it an “industrial” park are hoping that we will simply think, “That’s what they meant!” and accept lesser uses for our Glen Canal View Business Park.

The county invested significant funds and hopes in the park, assuring it had the right items in place, including high-speed Internet. Businesses highly dependent upon communications, such as a call center, insurance company, or other commercial enterprise tend to rely more heavily on modern communications than similarly-sized industrial facilities.

Small, innovative commercial establishments seem to be the best fit for the Glen Business Park. Just calling it an “industrial park” denies this best use and attempts to reform our opinions about it.

Let’s not sell ourselves short. Let’s be sure that the names we use describe our best hopes for our community. The name of the place is Glen Canalview Business Park. That’s the name that passersby and all of us have come to know for our park. It should be referred to as the “Glen Canal View Business Park.” If a shortcut must be used, it should be “Business Park.”

Names matter — let’s use the right one and make the right decisions.



By Patricia Older

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