Enough is enough, leave Melania Trump alone

Enough is enough. The latest against the Trump family by the media is Jessica Schladebeck writing for the New York Daily News, and printed in another newspaper on March 2, 2018, was an article titled, “Melania Trump’s green card details emerge.”

Melania Trump came into this country as a Slovenian model in 1996 on a visitor’s visa and then on a work visa. By 2000, she had started to petition the government for residence through the elite program so she could continue modeling in this country.

Melania Trump did not run across the border from Mexico to reside in this country illegally. Melania Trump did not reside in this country as a “sanctuary city” resident. Melania Trump did not come into this country as an illegal resident. Melania Trump came into this country the way most legal residents do. So, news media, leave Melania Trump alone. And, stop your crusade against all members of the Trump family. Enough is enough.



By Kerry Minor

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